The Activities of the Department

The department is primarily focused on special preparation of the future teachers. That means, the department doesn’t guarantee any major in the present or distant study program and doesn’t have any students (the only adequate program, which may be guaranteed by it, is simply psychology – this subject is assured by the Faculty of Arts).

In the given area of the preparation of the teachers the department carries out the teaching, consulting and guidance activities, which are concentrated on the improvement of knowledge and personality of the future teachers and establishes basic conditions for a successful management of the teachers’ job. It is an activity, which participates on the complex knowledge and abilities for preparedness of teachers’ profession. This intention is implemented by selected teaching psychological subjects, which are specified by their form and content for the needs of teacher’s profession.

Teaching of psychological subjects is an irreducible and unsubstitutable component of the teacher’s preparation. It is equal to other disciplines, which participate in creating the teachers’ qualification. The main goal is to ensure that teachers can deal with the tasks and problems of psychological nature from a professional point of view and in concordance with the contemporary knowledge in this field.

Apart from basic activity, the Department of psychology and pathopsychology participates in psychological preparation for non-teacher subjects, which are realized at the Faculty of Education (primarily it’s about subjects, which are realized at the Department of pedagogy and the Department of special pedagogy). The lessons are extended of other subjects there.

The department is responsible for the qualifying study of educational guidance for primary and secondary schools and high schools as a part of the frame of the Centre of lifelong learning. This activity is guaranteed by the department.

The members of the department carry out practical psychological activities by helping students and teachers of the Palacký University at the University advisory centre, which was established at the Faculty of Education in 1994.

Department of Psychology and Pathopsychology Olomouc, Žižkovo nám. 5, 771 40 Olomouc