The History of the Department

The foundations of the department of psychology and pathopsychology go back to 1959, when the Section of psychology at Pedagogical institute in Olomouc was established. The section was a part of the Department of pedagogy and psychology and it was headed by PhDr. Libor Míček (nowadays Prof. PhDr. Libor Míček, CSc. – Faculty of Arts MU Brno). In 1964, when the status of Pedagogical institute was changed, the former Section of psychology was transformed into independent Department of psychology. In 1967 the name of the department was altered to Department of psychology and pathopsychology, after it was took responsibilities for teaching special psychological disciplines in the pedagogical study program for the youth with special needs. This name has been using till now.

Department of Psychology and Pathopsychology Olomouc, Žižkovo nám. 5, 771 40 Olomouc